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Mr. Smellie was born, raised, and educated in Canada, moving to Texas and beginning his teaching career in Zapata Texas in 1994. He has a Bachelor's degree in education, and a Bachelor's degree of music from Brandon University in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. As well as having a successful career as a music educator, Mr. Smellie has performed professionally with various symphonic orchestras, concert bands, rock bands, jazz bands, and tejano bands in Canada, The United States, and Mexico.


if a student is dissatisfied with a grade earned for a playing test, he/she is welcome to come and try playing the test again on their own time. The higher grade earned will be the grade reflected in Skyward.

A student may only miss a performance with an excused absence at the discretion of one of the band directors. Excused absences from performances will not be penalized and unexcused absences may not be "made up". Performances receive a major grade.


The band directors are available for tutorials before and after school by appointment. It is the student's responsibility to ask a band director if they are available to stay and work after or before school.