Sports Medicine I & II Teacher 

Freshman Volleyball/Freshman Basketball Coach



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  • 713-251-2980

About Me

  • Attended Concord University in Athens, WV
  • Bachelor in Athletic Training
  • Trying very hard to finish my Masters in Sports Psychology 
  • Teach Sports Medicine I & II
  • Freshman Volleyball and Basketball Coach
  • In my 6th year at Northbrook HS





 The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the measures for the prevention, management, and rehabilitation of athletic related injuries. Students will study basic anatomy as it applies to athletic injuries, protective equipment taping and bracing to protect the injured area and different theories of evaluation and rehabilitation techniques as they apply to athletic injuries. Problems such as nutrition, physical examination, wound care, environmental conditions, therapeutic modalities, and the Northbrook HS athletic training facilities and equipment are discussed. 

Chapters Covered



Chapter 1: Sports Medicine: the Multidisciplinary Approach                                             

Chapter 2: Athletic Training                                                                                           Chapter 12: Therapeutic Modalities

Chapter 3: The Central Training                                                                                     Chapter 13: Taping and Wrapping

Chapter 4: The Athletic Training Student                                                                        Chapter 14: Kinesiology

Chapter 5: Emergency Preparedness                                                                               Chapter 15: Bleeding and Shock

Chapter 6: The Pre-Participation Exam                                                                           Chapter 16: The Bones and Soft Tissue

Chapter 7: Prehabilitation and Preseason                                                                        Chapter 17: The Foot,Ankle, and lower leg

Chapter 8: Nutrition                                                                                                       Chapter 18: The Knee

Chapter 9: Dietary Supplements                                                                                      Chapter 19: The Hip and Pelvis

Chapter 10: Sports Psychology                                                                                         Chapter 20: The Elbow, Wrist, and Hand

Chapter 11: Assessment and Eval of Sports Injuries                                                           Chapter 21: The Shoulder