Principal's Newsletter - July 21, 2011



Dear Parents,
On behalf of the faculty and staff, I’m hoping that you and your family have had a wonderful summer.
As we prepare for the 2011-2012 school year, I would like to share some information that you may find of interest.
The Spring 2011 TAKS results are in and listed below. The results are based on the percentage of “All” of the 214 students who participating in the testing here at Nottingham Elementary. The test participation breakdown by subject and grade level was as follows:  214 third, fourth and fifth graders were tested in Reading and Math; 53 fourth graders were tested in Writing; and 82 fifth graders were tested in Science.
Reading     Math     Writing     Science
 89%           91%        92%           88% 
The percentages below reflect the students (of all students tested) receiving perfect or near perfect scores (Commended Performance) on each individual area of the TAKS Test:
Reading     Math       Writing     Science
 42%           47%        31%           47%
The above scores are consistent with previous years’ scores which resulted in our school receiving “Recognized” status from the state. However, due to the changing standards applied by the state regarding the performance of students within each sub population (ethic and social economic) group and the results of one of our groups in Reading, we have moved to “Academically Acceptable” status. This year in order for our campus to have achieved “Recognized” status, at least 80% of students from each sub population group taking the test must have passed each area tested.
I must emphatically stress however, that despite the decline in the rating as a result of a standard that was applied this year, as you can see above, an average of 90% of all of the students (including students from each sub population group) tested at Nottingham, passed the test.
As we move forward into the 2011-2012 school year, our staff and Campus Improvement Team will meet and continue to look at ways to support our students and instruction at all grade levels. We will participate in trainings and staff development sessions designed to enhance instruction and our instructional programs for all students. You will be kept abreast of our efforts through monthly Campus Improvement Team Meeting Minutes, information that will be shared in the general sessions at the beginning of each Back to School (Curriculum Nights) meetings with parents, and individual meetings with your child’s teacher. Specific initiatives will also be shared in the final draft of our 2011-2012 Campus Improvement Plan.
In the meantime, please join me welcoming the new members of the Nottingham Elementary School’s faculty and staff. They are:
Ms. Dionna James – Kindergarten; Ms. Teresa Henshaw – Third Grade (Reading / Language Arts); Ms. Peggy Gioacchni – Third Grade (Reading / Language Arts); Ms. Amanda Maynard – Fifth Grade (Math / Science); and Ms. Gertha Valcin – Fifth Grade (Reading / Language Arts; Ms. Nancy Lancaster – Interdisciplinary Instructional Coach; Ms. Jan Halfin – Counselor; Ms. Wanda Boden-Mercado – Textbook Clerk; Ms. Candice Rodriquez – Teacher Assistant; and Ms. Tracy Arocha – Support Specialist.
As I previously indicated, you will receive notification of your child’s teacher and classroom assignment during the week of August 15th. Please be reminded (as I indicated in the May Principal’s Newsletter) that a great deal of though and effort on the part of the teachers and the Specialists went into forming what are now balanced and heterogeneously grouped classes. Moving students from classes to which they have been enrolled undermines the work that went into balancing classes and often times results in classes that are extremely imbalanced as far as numbers and other issues may be concerned.
However, in the event of a concern that may persist after a reasonable period of time and effort have been put forth by the parent and the teacher to reach a resolution, alternative placement may be considered.
Again, we look forward to seeing you and your child during the “Meet The Teacher” activity on Friday, August 19th, at 2:00 p.m.
F. Larry, Jr.