Getting the Year Off to a Great Start!

Parents are encouraged to register their students before the first day of classes. Registration occurs at the child's attendance area school and only students new to SBISD, or SBISD residents who have moved within SBISD and will attend a different school than the previous year, must register for classes.   

Nottingham student registration begins on Tuesday, August 9th, 2011, from 1:00-4:00 PM. Registration hours will expand the next two days (Wednesday and Thursday, the 10th-11th), from 8:00-12:00 noon and resuming at 1:00-3:00 each day. On Monday, the 15th, through Thursday, August 18th, these expanded hours will again be followed. There is no registration on Fridays. 

As students complete the registration process, they will be assigned a teacher just in time for our annual Meet the Teacher session on Friday, August 19th, from 2:00-3:00. This session is designed to be a short "reception" with the teacher in order for your child to meet and be greeted by his or her very own important person at school and to find out where their new desk is and who else will be sharing the school day with them.

The first day of school is Monday, August 22nd. There will NOT be any students registered until 1:00 PM that day so that first day routines can be taken care off.


How to Handle the First Day of School

Every morning, the building opens at 7:30. Students are required to meet in the cafeteria prior to arriving at 7:50. Each grade level has its own grade level table which will be labeled with a sign the first two weeks of school until students become familiar with where their own table is located. You are welcome to bring your child into the cafeteria on the first day or two and get seated at the correct table until announced dismissal at 7:50. Teachers meet the students in the cafeteria at 7:50 and the principal or assistant principal call the grade level who is dismissing first on the P.A. system. Students at those grade tables will then move down to their grade level pod as a group with their teachers. We usually start dismissal with 2nd through 5th graders.


Parents! Please have a seat with your child at his/her grade table and leave the doorways and hallways clear. Doing so will keep students focused on following directions and being able to see what is happening once dismissal from the cafeteria begins. The cafeteria will be extremely noisy and crowded which is often overwhelming for any child. Keeping the doors and halls cleared of unfamiliar adults will go a long way to reassure nervous children. Rest assured - there will be many, many staff members around the room able to help with any questions, so relax, have a seat and enjoy the adventure of a new school year! Just look for the school district badge that each staff member will be wearing if you first have any questions to ask.


Are you the parent of a new first grader, kinder or PK student? The experience of the always-special first day of school can be exciting instead of traumatic for your child with a little preplanning. First, be reassured that our kinder and PK staff are experienced and nurturing "moms at school" who know how you and your child are feeling.  You are leaving your little one in caring hands! Your child's first-day-of-school experience sets the stage for all the days that will follow for your child. If it's celebrated as all special events are in a child's life with a quick photo as they line up to go with their teacher, you communicate to them that this is a normal first step in their life and a cause for happiness. A quick hug, smile, and telling them how proud you are of their being a big boy or girl now as you wave good-bye in the hallway sends a much different message from the parent who is crying or looking worried, hanging onto their child's hand and coming into the line or classroom because they want to make sure their child is O.K.

Our experience has been that small children take their emotional "cues" from their parents. If this important first step of your child's school career is treated as a happy, exciting event, then it is! Even the little dribbles of tears that might still splash down dry up as soon as your child sees all the wonderful toys and activities in the room just waiting for them! So be brave, mom and/or dad, and give your child the gift of getting a self-confident first step into growing up!

We know it's sometimes harder for moms and dads, rather than the children, to let go - even when they've done the first day of school thing one or two times before. If it's now the baby of the family going off to school, it can catch an experienced parent by surprise by the feelings of letting go. But if you follow the same successful steps above, just add one more and go by the office and leave a message for the teacher. She'll be glad to give you a short call during her conference time to give you an update on how the morning went so you can concentrate on having your own good day.

Student Enrollment 


What do I need to have with me when I register my student?
  • Immunization record certified by a doctor or public health official
  • Transcript or report card from the last school attended
  • Birth certificate or other document suitable as proof of a child’s identity
  • Proof of residence is required upon enrollment. Examples of proof or residency are lease agreements or mortgage payment book, district tax bill, utility bill with correct name and address.


Requirements for Enrollment

  • Prekindergarten:
    • Be four years old on or before September 1 of the current scholastic year.
    • To determine state funding the parent/guardian must answer questions about the student’s ability to speak and comprehend English, as well as about the family’s income level.
    • Parents should assume responsibility for the supervision of their children prior to being picked up by the bus and after the bus has returned.
  • Kindergarten/Grade One:
    • Be five years old on or before September 1 of the current scholastic year to be eligible for kindergarten.
    • Be six years old on or before September 1 of the current scholastic year to be eligible for grade 1.
    • A child who is not legally eligible to enter grade 1 may be assigned to grade 1 before age six. Such assignments are the decision of the District, with the consent of the child’s parent or guardian.
  • Other Grades:
    • New students after grade 1 will be placed initially at grade level reached elsewhere. Final grade placement will be based on observations and testing made by District personnel.


    Who do I contact if I have a question or need help?

    Always contact us first. Our school number is 713.251.6400. We will make sure that you are connected to the person who can best answer your question or concern. So give us a call!