We hope that our students learn to become independent thinkers and workers and are pushed to reach their potential and beyond (rigor).

Objectives covered in 4th grade math-
Place Value
Estimation ( Compatible & Rounding skills)
Multiplication & Division ( fact fluency)
Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Personal Financial Literacy

In reading we study genre-based units which include, fiction, poetry, drama, literary nonfiction (biography, autobiography, personal narrative), procedural text, expository text (nonfiction).Comprehension skills are taught using each type of genre.

In writing students will focus on writing narrative and expository compositions by going through the writing process. Grammar skills will be taught throughout the year.

Fourth graders immerse themselves in the real world as they learn about their incredible state of Texas.

In science we will be studying the following objectives:


Processing Skills: Inferencing, Predicting, Making Observations
Matter and Energy: Heating and Cooling Matter, Mixtures and Solutions, Different Forms of Energy
Force and Motion: Magnetism, Density, Electricity
Space: the Sun, The Earth, The Moon, Shadows, Day and Night, Seasons, Weather, The Water Cycle
Earth: The layers of Earth, Landforms, Weathering, Erosion, Deposition, components of soil, renewable/nonrenewable resources, Fossils
Organisms: Plants and Animal classifications
Environments: Ecosystems, Habitats
Food chains/ Food Webs: How energy flows through an ecosystem

In order to tie this vast amount of content together, we will be performing many hands on experiments throughout the year .





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