What are TEKS and STAAR?

In Texas, the state legislature determines, through law, what students in grades K-12 are to learn in public educational institutions. These basic skills and concepts, as determined by the legislature, represent required knowledge that students are expected to receive instruction in and demonstrate mastery of before high school graduation.

This "required knowledge" is listed and published in a document entitled Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills and is commonly referred to as the "TEKS".

Currently, students in grades 3-5 are tested yearly through use of the STAAR test, the state's academic accountability/assessment instrument. Third, fourth and fifth grade students take the Reading and Math sections in late spring. In addition to these two sections, fourth graders also complete a Writing section earlier in the spring, and our fifth grade students complete the Science section during the regular late-April testing cycle. Individual student test results for all three grades are received back in the district during the first week of June. Students and parents receive their copy of the test results shortly thereafter.

There are several important points to remember during this testing cycle:

  • It is extremely important that the student arrive on time for school during all days of STAAR testing.
  • Please do not schedule non-emergency dental or doctor appointments during STAAR test dates.


These dates are listed in the monthly school newsletter, The Nottingham Shield, and on the school's marquee.

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