Homework Policy

Nottingham views homework as an integral component of the teaching-learning process. Homework should provide short practice sessions on previously taught material, which the students are ready to practice independently.

We hope that your child will achieve the following desired outcomes from the assignment of homework:

  • the development of self-discipline
  • self-responsibility
  • the development of organizational skills


The purposes of assigning homework include the reinforcement and extension of concepts learned at school, the opportunity to increase fluency and comprehension in reading, and the opportunity to practice and enhance higher-order thinking skills.

In order to help our students develop organizational skills, each child receives a "Nottingham Homework Folder" at the beginning of the school year or upon registration. This folder contains a front pocket labeled "Leave at Home" and a back pocket labeled "Bring Back". As a homework assignment is given, the student is taught to write it in the appropriate dated space on the weekly homework calendar and any homework papers to be completed are placed in the back pocket. This folder goes home each night to be completed and reviewed by both child and parent.

In an effort to teach responsibility, students are required to bring homework folders back to school each day, and NOT have them delivered to the office by the parent. By reading over and signing your child's homework assignment calendar each day, you have the ongoing opportunity to monitor your child's progress throughout the nine-weeks grading period.