Campus Improvement


The staff of Nottingham Elementary works hard to help every student develop into a successful, self-motivated learner. We are constantly evaluating and refining what we teach and how we teach it. A part of this ongoing process is the yearly development of the Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) each spring. This Plan is an outline of the goals, objectives, and activities that we will implement on our campus during the upcoming school year. It reflects planning based on up-to-date educational research as well as the beliefs and ideas of parent and community representatives, the teaching and administrative staff.

This yearly, self-reflective process results in the development of several campus-identified targeted goals and implementation activities. In planning improvement strategies each year, our decisions are based on a shared philosophy and vision of the goals we have for our students and ourselves. Within the learner-centered Nottingham environment, we believe that education is an interactive, democratic process. Therefore, we also believe that all decisions must be based on a clear vision of desired educational outcomes that will result in the academic, personal and future career success of every student.

The Campus Improvement Team and the Campus Improvement Plan operate as a two-part process to develop and implement goals and strategies within the framework of the Shared Decision-Making Process. Decisions and responsibilities are shared by all, facilitating inclusion, pride, a positive school climate and commitment to campus growth and professional development.