Campus Improvement

Advisory Team

The Campus Improvement Team (C.I.T.) is an advisory body to the campus principal and is composed of parent representatives, community representatives, area business leaders and staff members whose functions include data collection, survey implementation, and information distribution. Topics that are discussed in CIT meetings may include, but are not limited to, campus goal setting, curriculum initiatives, budgetary concerns, anticipation of staffing needs and school organization.

Members are elected and serve a two-year term. If you are interested in becoming a member of the CIT team, please indicate your interest and submit your name to the principal for inclusion during the election lottery period in the early spring.

Current members of the C.I.T. for the current school year include:

Roy Moore Campus Principal & Chair
Sherrie Folger Assistant Principal & Campus Liaison
Monica Dewitt Parent Representative
Don Douglas Parent Representative
Heather Marburger Parent Representative
Jeanine Piskurich Business Representative
Mary Pizana Community Representative
Nancy Lancaster Nonteaching Certified Staff Representative
Cheryl Weigle Nonteaching Staff Representative
Rhonda Hamn Teaching Staff Representative
Stacy Perera Teaching Staff Representative
Kelly Klassen Teaching Staff Representative