Welcome to Our Music Site

At Nottingham, students enjoy a varied music program that actively engages all students in the development of musical appreciation and performance experiences. Our goal is to successfully engage students in quality musical experiences that nurture life-long involvement in music so that they gain a better understanding of self, sensitivity toward others, and appreciation for the world in which they live.  Student performances are scheduled throughout the year by each grade level, so be sure to check the events page each month!

Music is:

  • an essential pathway to the development of higher thinking and reasoning
  • a vehicle for creative self-expression where all students can be successful
  • a joyful, inspiring, enriching art form that is worthy of life-long pursuit
  • a means for understanding cultural diversity and fostering respect for others


Through musical performance, students:

  • incorporate many ways of understanding and problem-solving
  • develop work habits of persistence, interdependence and precision
  • use critical listening skills to interact creatively and efficiently with others
  • learn about themselves and build self-esteem


Through reading, writing and creating music, students:

  • communicate with others regardless of language
  • develop creative problem-solving skills
  • conceptualize, organize and apply their ideas
  • identify with the ideas of others




Who to Contact:

  • Deborah Smith