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Our mission in elementary health fitness is to provide students with the essential knowledge and skills of movement, health, and beginning wellness concepts so that students are equipped to make optimal and informed decisions concerning their health and physical well being now and in the future.

Our mission follows the Surgeon General's position on the importance of regular physical activity: "Given the numerous benefits of physical activity, the hazards of being inactive are clear. Physical inactivity is a serious, nationwide problem. Its scope poses a public health challenge for reducing the national burden of unnecessary illness and premature death."

Nottingham uses SBISD's health fitness Frameworks - a program that charts a course of physical activity and skill development for all students. This education is designed to carry over to a life-long appreciation for physical activity as well as academically motivate each student.

In class, students learn about movement concepts (spatial awareness, effort, relationships), skill themes (traveling, chasing/fleeing / dodging, jumping / landing, balancing, transferring weight / rolling, kicking, throwing / catching, volleying / dribbling, and striking with racquets / paddles), games and dance, along with wellness concepts such as fitness, nutrition, safety, building positive self esteem and social skills.

Educational research has consistently shown that when a teacher spends class time managing discipline problems, less teaching and, therefore, less student learning occurs. Disruptive behavior is a primary reason for poor student achievement. To accomplish a positive learning climate, classroom rules and consequences are:


  1. Attentive listening
  2. Mutual respect
  3. Appreciations /No put downs
  4. Do your personal best
  5. Wear tennis shoes to class



  1. Private warning
  2. Time to think - one minute walk
  3. Time to think some more - two minute walk and complete a Health Fitness Responsibility Sheet that will be signed by the student and parent/guardian
  4. We believe that health fitness is closely connected to and supports all other disciplines and is an integral component of the school curriculum by providing opportunities to develop the whole child.



Who to Contact:

  • Ms. Linda Flood Chavers Specialist
  • Ms. Hydee Perez Assistant
  • Ms. Terrie Davis Assistant