ESL Education

English as a Second Language programs support students with limited English proficiency. They offer a solid foundation for reading, writing, speaking, and listening to English, while the students learn a variety of subject areas. Students are tested to qualify for these programs.

Nottingham is an ESL campus which means that all instruction is done in English. We have had students in our ESL program who represent the languages of 14 different countries - all in one school year! Students qualifying for the Bilingual program in which Spanish is the language in which the child receives instruction is provided at our sister school, Thornwood Elementary, which is located behind Stratford High School.

Children who come to us speaking another primary language other than English receive additional support in developing both social AND academic language.Social language tends to be acquired by the child much earlier than academic language while interacting with other children and adults at lunch, recess, in the library, etc. Academic language acquisition is very difficult in comparison and can take up to 5-7 years to fully develop. Teachers assist ESL students in academic language growth by using instructional techniques such as additional use of pictures of concept ideas, using simplified language, focusing on basics of concept being taught, allowing verbal responses to tests in place of pencil/paper responses, etc.

For Parents:

For more information about the district's philosophy and structure for the ESL program on elementary campuses, please use the following link:


For additional information, please speak with your child's teacher or the principal or assistant principal at 713.251.6400. 






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