SBISD Counselors' Mission Statement

SBISD school counselors provide services and support to students, families and staff that impact healthy personal-social development and academic success for all students in school and beyond.

Our district school counseling program is comprehensive in scope, preventative in design and developmental in nature.  Student development and academic achievement is supported by the Guidance and Counseling Program through the following elements: 

§  Guidance Curriculum - Follow national and state counseling standards in providing classroom guidance and counseling groups to help students be successful in all areas.

§  Responsive Services - Individual and Group Counseling referrals are provided to district and community resources based on student/family needs.

§  Individual Planning - Individual Planning and small group planning is available for all students to assist with problem solving, career planning, transition, special programs focusing on the social and emotional development needs for all students.

§  Support Services - Services and management activities that indirectly benefit students.


Meadow Wood Elementary School Counseling Services

Our counselor, Lynne Luberger, implements a comprehensive Developmental Guidance Program as outlined by the Texas Education Agency's Comprehensive Guidance Programs for Texas Public Schools. The Guidance Program is an integral part of the total educational program and provides opportunities for all students to receive guidance and counseling services.

The guidance services are integrated into the existing school programs and have a developmental basis that help all students acquire and apply specific competencies and basic character traits.

The developmental curriculum is preventive in nature and addresses such issues as:

§  Self-confidence development

§  Motivation to achieve

§  Development of self esteem

§  Decision making, goal setting, problem solving skills

§  Interpersonal effectiveness

§  Communication skills

§  Cross cultural effectiveness

§  Responsible behaviors 

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Developmentally appropriate classroom guidance lessons are taught in all classes throughout the school year by the counselor. Through these lessons, a consistent school-wide message is conveyed pertaining to behavioral expectations and social interactions. The guidance lessons help to establish positive social norms that promote a safe, respectful school environment. Additionally, the entire staff at Meadow Wood focuses on assisting students in the development of prosocial skills.

Through the combined efforts of the counselor, the staff, and community, Meadow Wood has successfully met the requirements to earn the distinction as a NO PLACE FOR HATE school by the Anti-Defamation League for the 2012-2013, 2013-2014, and 2014-2015 school years.


Responsive Services and Individual Planning

Students may meet with Mrs. Luberger either individually or in a small group. Students may ask to speak with the counselor or be referred by a staff member or parent. Our counselor is also available to meet with parents and staff members to help ensure the success of all students.


System Support

Our counselor is the coordinator for the Gifted and Talented referral process. Parents may contact Mrs. Luberger for further information or the district Advanced Academic Studies website.  You may also click here for information on Credit by Exam.


In addition, Mrs. Luberger is the sponsor of the MWE Student Council. In conjunction with our PTA, the counselor and Student Council are involved in several community service projects, Red Ribbon Week, Random Acts of Kindness Week and the NO PLACE FOR HATE initiative.

 Mrs. Luberger is on campus Mondays and Wednesdays. You may contact her at 713-251-6271 or by email at