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Welcome to Second Grade!

Second graders read daily in small and large groups. Emphasis is placed upon learning and internalizing reading strategies that produce independent, life-long readers. Students read for different purposes: to study genres, to become familiar with authors’ styles and language, to gain information, and most importantly, to enjoy literature. Guided reading, literacy stations, reader’s workshop, and Words Their Way are important components of our program.


Our writer’s workshop program teaches the fundamentals of writing and celebrates the joy of authorship. Second graders experiment with many different forms of writing such as stories from our lives, expository writing, poetry, and independent research. Some writing activities are completed on assigned topics, and some are creative choice designed by the children. Children work at their own pace with writing, revising, editing, and publishing stories. Guided writing activities directed by the teacher provide models of writing forms and styles.


Our goal in 2nd grade is to lead children to the application level of correct spelling. We teach strategies for arriving at the correct spelling and we incorporate these strategies into daily writing activities incorporating the Words Their Way strategies.


Math lessons are taught in workshop format. This allows time for individual instruction and addresses all levels of understanding. Games, manipulatives, skill practices, thinking stories, math riddles, and stations are a part of our weekly routine. In addition, challenge activities are continuously offered and children are encouraged to look for math in the real world.


Social Studies and Science
Our social studies and science concepts are taught in the form of study units and are integrated into the language arts and math curriculum. Second graders learn through an array of strategies, such as projects, experiments, and community-building activities.

In social studies, we teach the children about citizenship, communities, landforms, geography, and economics. Children are also exposed to an overview of American history and learn about specific American heroes. Some of these include: Robert Fulton, Sojourner Truth, Florence Nightingale, Martin Luther King Jr., Irma Rangel, Harriet Tubman and Thurgood Marshall.

Through our science curriculum, the children learn about earth science (water cycle), life science (habitats, butterflies, and birds), and physical science (balance and motion). Our Hands On Science program provides the children with an environment that facilitates hands-on experimentation and exploration. 


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