PreK 2015

Mrs. Buchanan and Ms. Weber


During the school year in Pre-K students are actively learning through the use of integrated projects, which are child-centered, and age appropriate. The four core areas of Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and Math are used as the basis for lessons, discussions, experiments, observations, and centers.

Daily Activities

  • Math Workshop
  • PE/Art/Music
  • Snack
  • Language Arts/ Workstations
  • Recess/Rest time
  • Science/Social Studies


In the Block Center, math and motor skills are developed. The social skills of sharing and working with friends are also developed. We may be encouraging a future architect or builder!

In the Library Center we practice reading skills and develop a love for reading.

The Art Center gives an opportunity for creative self-expression. As the children experiment and have fun, they are also developing social skills and their small muscles. There might be a future artist or designer in our midst!

Dramatic Play
Dramatic Play fosters language and social skills. It also helps teach how to be a parent, doctor or teacher.

In science students can experiment, predict, and discover new things. These are the skills of a real scientist.

The Math Center develops problem-solving skills and gives experience in counting, comparing, measuring, and patterning. Is there a future accountant or computer specialist here?

The Music Center develops language and listening skills and just makes us feel good!

The Writing Center has lots of interesting material so students can learn how to write stories, letters and poems. There are many authors among us!

On the playground, students release energy and develop strength, coordination, and a strong, healthy body.

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Laura Weber, Teacher

Zaida Buchanan, Assistant