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2017-18 Newsletters

The Meadow Wood Curriculum for Kindergarten includes Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Music, Health Fitness, Art, Computer and Library.

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Kindergarten math is taught using manipulatives or "real" things.

The children experience a variety of math concepts with concrete learning materials. Math skills are integrated at calendar time and throughout the day. The children learn many different mathematical concepts based on the TEKS such as, counting in various ways to 100, estimating, identifying patterns, graphing, ordinal positioning, one to one correspondence, describing and comparing shapes, sorting, writing numerals and problem solving.

Language Arts
Literacy is an integrated process involving listening, speaking, reading and writing. Through exposure to a variety of listening experiences, the children increase their vocabulary and comprehension skills. Literature on varying levels of difficulty is available to the children. Teachers read aloud to the students and reading strategies are introduced. Daily writing is encouraged through Writers Workshop, CCP, and interactive writing. Writing is one of the best ways to reinforce phonics and practice with letters and sounds. Differentiated instructions takes place through guided reading groups, and  literacy centers.

At Meadow Wood we are fortunate to have Health Fitness classes three times a week. Children also go to Music, Art, and the library once a week. Technology is also available in the classrooms every day. Counselor lessons are on peer interactions and social skills, and are every two weeks.

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