SBISD SpringBoard Mentoring Program

The SBISD SpringBoard Mentoring program is the umbrella program for community-supported mentor programs throughout Spring Branch ISD. The program is grounded in extensive research affirming that all children and young adults benefit from the consistent presence of a caring adult serving as a role model, advocate and friend. The community partner and the campus appoint mentor coordinators to serve as the liaison for communications, programming and planning between the school and the partner group.

Mentors commit to a one-school year time frame and agree to meet with their student once-per-week, on campus, during the school day for 30 minutes to an hour. Our MWE mentors meet with students during lunch and/or recess. A logistical plan assures that mentors are well-received, that students are prepared for their visit, and that communication lines are always open. A dedicated campus email address allows mentors to stay in weekly contact when their schedule does not permit a weekly visit.

We currently have over 25 mentors that visit our campus on a weekly basis. In addition to campus coordinators Lynne Barry and Lynne Luberger, we also have a PTA Mentor Liaison to assist in recruiting additional mentors and facilitating the program.

We value our mentors and the contributions they make to our students’ lives. By offering guidance, encouragement and support to our students, mentors help connect their mentees to a lifetime of success.

To learn more about the mentoring program, please contact one of our mentor coordinators or visit the SBISD mentoring site at


Lynne Barry, Assistant Principal

Lynne Luberger, Counselor