Meadow Wood Elementary staff and students are the best! Come walk our hallways and you will see students involved in a variety of fascinating learning activities. You will see science experiments, book clubs, daily problem-solving, work stations, Writing Workshop, reading groups, word study and much, much more. Our students love to learn and share what they know with others. MWE teachers strive to make learning interesting, interactive and fun, as well as challenging and rigorous.

Meadow Wood leads the elementary schools in our district each year in the number of volunteer hours worked at school. Our parents keep us going. They support us with time, man-power, and encouragement, as well as financially. We have a very active mentor group called Life Guards. We have trained literacy volunteers that work one on one with students that need extra support in learning to read and write.

Please feel free to drop by and tour our school. But be careful, you won’t want to leave!

About Us

Meadow Wood Elementary School guides and develops independent, life-long learners, creative thinkers and successful problem solvers to become responsible citizens in our multicultural society. 

Meadow Wood is one of the smallest elementary schools in SBISD. Our normal enrollment is between 420-450. It varies from year to year. We might be small but we are huge in our diversity. There are 19 countries represented at Meadow Wood and our children speak 15 different languages. We have students from every continent except Australia!! Our administrative assistant lived in Australia so we can claim to represent every continent. We are a true picture of the cosmopolitan demographics of the city of Houston.