Welcome to Technology Applications

In Tech Apps our objective is to expand our knowledge of technology by improving typing skills, learning computer science terminology, mastering digital file management, practicing online etiquette, developing professional online communication skills, focusing our awareness of internet dangers, and learning basic programming skills.   


Contact Information

About Me

My alter ego. 

Class Expectations

Learn something new and have some fun!

Your only limit is your imagination!

Starting Class

Leave backpacks and lunches in hallway.

Come in quietly and log into your computer.

Start your warm-up typing before the bell rings.

During Class

Use restroom before class or after class.

There will be no pass given during lectures or before the first 15 minutes of class.

If you have a question, raise your hand and wait patiently for help.

End of Class

Save your work.

Log off your computer.

Put away all equipment.

Straighten your workstation.

Throw away any trash.

Push in your chair.

Do not leave your desk until the bell rings. 


 Grading Policy 

Daily Work 45%

Projects/Test 40%

Typing 15% 

We are a paperless class. I will only accept assignments through email or shared folders. You will gather all assignments, notes and quizzes from my website, email, or shared folder.

Schedule TEKS Accommodations Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1
6A, 6E, 6F, 6K
SPED: as indicated in IEP
Eagle Camp Welcome Login - Google Accounts, Chrome Sheetsheet Intro to Keyboarding 15 minute typing warmup
Rules & Expectations Join - Google Classroom Typing Web: create accounts Seating Chart
First Day Slides
ELL: translation, dictionaries, peer conferencing

If time permits, we will start the Wednesday Google Account login process. Install Chrome Apps: Gmail, Docs, Drive, Sheets, Forms, Classroom, Draw, Blogger, Slides Join - Everfi www.everfi.com Typing Pre-Quiz, Student Blog
Week 1 Slides

Login to Drive & Classroom Email Handouts Avatar Creator

Login to Email, email teacher Typing Video Independent Study
Week 2
2A, 2B, 4F, 5C, 5D, 6A, 6G, 6K
SPED: as indicated in IEP
15 minute typing warmup 15 minute typing warmup: 15 minute typing warmup 15 minute typing warmup 15 minute typing warmup
8/29-9/2 Everfi - Choosing a Computer Unit 1. Welcome 2. Pre-Check In Practice Typing Quiz Google Drive: Google Drive: Everfi - Choosing a Computer 1.Buying a Computer
Week 2 Slides
ELL: translation, dictionaries, peer conferencing
Vocabulary: CPU,HDD,OS,RAM Everfi - Cloud Computing Set up 6 subject folders: How to upload, download, Google Drive Folders Check

Digital Etiquette discussion Google Drive & Google Chrome (2 LA: writing & projects) Upload one document from another class (daily Grade)

www.everfi.com Settings & Kick the Tires Label & color coordinate
Independent Study