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About Me

Teaching Areas:  Communications Applications

Education: Major in English / Minor in Speech and Journalism from the University of Toledo

Certification: Language Arts 6-12 and Speech 6-12

Interests: Reading, Writing, Yoga, Water Sports, Coffee + Chocolate

Teaching Experience: 22 years


Mauri McCall


Class Information


Class Schedule
Period Time Course
1st Period 8:25-9:12 Study Hall
2nd Period 9:17-10:04 Conference
3rd Period 10:09-10:56 Study Hall
4th Period 11:01-11:48 Speech
5th Period 11:53-12:40 Speech
Lunch 12:45-1:15  
Activity 1:20-1:46  
7th Period 1:51-2:38 Speech
8th Period 2:43-3:30 Study Hall
Tutorials Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-4:15 and by appointment

Course Information
Please refer to the class overview in student binders.

Email Distribution

I send out regular emails to keep parents and students informed about upcoming acitivities and due dates. If you have not been receiving them, and wish to be added to my group emails, please send me a note with your name, the period your son/daughter takes the class, and an email address.

Text Messages

I will also be sending out brief homework reminders via text. You may sign up for my class at www.remind101.com The class code is @9230a. Sign up for speech reminders by following the simple instructions on the website. It will confirm you are set up for my text message reminders once you have walked through a couple of simple steps via text. All numbers are confidential and students and parents cannot respond to text messages. They can, howerver, respond to my emails.

Grade Distribution

  • 70% Tests/Speeches/Major Projects
  • 20% Quizzes/Minor Projects
  • 10% Daily Work