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This is my 30th year of teaching and I love being a part of the MMS family.  My goal as a Texas History teacher is to make the state of TEXAS come alive everyday for your child and to make their experience interactive, exciting, challenging, and most of all memorable.

I graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Disorders.  I spent 7 years as a speech therapist in several Houston schools, and then I decided that I wanted to teach in the middle school setting.  This is my 18th year at MMS, and I have fond memories of every single year that I have taught here. I was a math teacher for the first 14 years here. I love sports, especially volleyball, and I enjoy watching reality TV.  I have four children, all girls!   My older 3 are graduates of MHS.  Gracie is in the 7th grade here at MMS.




 Please remember that students are responsible for asking for their make-up work when absent from class. Thank you!  


Maria Colwick - Classroom


Project due October 20th

Student holiday Monday, October 9th

Week of October 2: Need journal all week!

Monday:Chapter 3.1 Natural Regions of Texas

HW: 3.1 Main Idea questions

Tuesday: Begin the Natural Regions foldable due October 13th for a quiz grade

HW:  finish the Coastal Plains section of foldable

Wednesday: Read North Central Plains pgs. 51-53 and fill in your foldable

HW: Family Night!

Thursday: Picture Day! Read the Great Plains pgs. 54-56

HW: fill out Great Plains in foldable

Friday:  Read Mountains and Basins pgs 57-59 and fill out foldable

HW: finish WS on Mountains and Basins

Week of October 9th:

Library Tuesday and Wednesday this week!

Tuesday: Begin the Native American Cultures WS today

HW:  finish Western Gulf and Southeastern Culture sections

Wednesday: Pueblo Culture pgs. 79-81

HW: fill in the Pueblo Culture

Thursday: Read pgs 82-85 on the Plains Culture

HW: fill out Plains Culture on chart; foldable due tomorrow at BOC

Friday:  Finish Native American Culture Chart

HW: work on project

​Week of Oct 16th:

Monday: Project in class; Chapter 5 WS due Thursday

Tuesday: Project in class and due Friday

Wednesday: Project in class; Chapter 5 due tomorrow

Thursday: Project in class; Spanish explorers foldable due Tuesday

Friday: Project due!!!






Tutorials will be on the mornings of the test only unless a student makes an appointment with the teacher.