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1st: Science - 6th Grade

2nd: Science - 6th Grade

3rd: Conference

4th: Pre-AP Science - 7th Grade 

5th: Pre-AP Science - 7th Grade 

6th: Activity - 7th Grade

7th: Pre-AP Science - 7th Grade 

8th: Pre-AP Science - 7th Grade 

Scott Etzel - Classroom


Study Guide Part 2

Study Guide Part 1

7th Grade Pre-AP website (click here)

The website linked above is shared by all 7th grade pre-AP science classes.  

I keep a calendar on the board in my classroom that lists the assignments for the week and upcoming tests/quizzes. Students are expected to copy this into their agendas (each day, because it can change) or they may take a photo of the board on their personal device.


6th Grade websites:



Either of the 6th grade science teacher's websites can be used to download copies of missing documents from the left side of the page. 

There will be minor differences between their classes and mine on specific assignments, but the test and quiz days on their calendars will always be the same as mine. (I do not have an online calendar, but I keep one on the board in my classroom)



7th Grade eBook - Science Fusion text

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Link to eBook

7th Grade Tutorials


General tutorials available every Wednesday morning at 8am in room 123 (Mrs. Helm's room).

Test Tutorials: 

After school (3:30-4pm) - the day before a test

Before school - the day of a test

* Updated times/locations are posted in the classroom

Additional tutorials are available upon request. Contact Mr. Etzel to schedule these for before/after school or during activity period.