Come help with Labs in the classroom!!!

You do have to create an account on sign up genius, but it's free, they keep your info private, they don't send you emails, and if you'd like to sign up for a few labs, then you only create your account once.  Thanks!

Contact Information


Phone: 713-251-3900

Conference: 9:20-10:05 

I am so excited to be your teacher at the middle school I attended. Eagle pride never dies! After graduating from Memorial High School, I attended LSU in Baton Rouge. I received my degree in elementary education and now I am certified from PK- 8th grade.This is my 10th year of teaching and my 6th year at MMS!!! I look forward to being your science teacher and can't wait to see what this year has in store for you. I will also be coaching 7th grade volleyball as well as being a student council co-chair. This is going to be an awesome year and I am excited about the journey we will embark on together. I got married in December. 

6th Grade Science

       Welcome to 6th Grade Science!!!



·  Effort not Excuses give 100% in class
· Attitude is Everything- Have a positive attitude
· Give Mutual Respect- Respect the rights, feelings, and property of others
· Logic Reasoning- Use common sense
· Eager to Participate- Be willing to share and participate in class
· Safety First- Follow all safety rules during labs

Homework and Review Sessions



 Homework will be written on the calendar below.

Homework needs to be written in your agenda everyday

Read and follow all directions CAREFULLY!

Work turned in one day late will lose 20 points

All work is due at the beginning of the period, or it is considered LATE! 

Work will NOT be accepted after one day and will receive a 0.  

Review Sessions

Review session are offered before and after school ONLY before Test. 

They will be announced in class.

              They are not required but are very helpful.