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fWeekly "Extra Help" Tutorials 

Academic and PreAP: come with your questions! 

Tuesdays, 7:30-8:00 Mrs. Krekeler, room 125

 Wednesdays, 8:00-8:23 Mrs. Helm, room 123

Quiz- Texas Ecoregions - Thursday, May 17

Final exam schedule: 

2018 Exam schedule.pdf


Textbook Login Instructions 

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Mrs. Krekeler's PreAP Website 

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Textbook assignments:

Read every page, do not just skip through and answer the questions: Anything from the reading could be covered on tests or quizzes.

You must complete every question within the assigned page numbers (including questions that ask you to underline)

You may skip the “Think Outside the Box” questions (green boxes) and any question that asks you to do outside research

Grading will be different every time, but the assignment should always be completed as an “accuracy grade”.

Please note that major assignments, quizzes and tests will be scheduled on MMS 7th grade Academic Science and 7th grade PreAP Science pages.

Contact Information

Welcome back to school!

After more than a decade in the district, I'm excited to begin my third year at MMS  I've taught language arts as well as science. A 'naturalized" Texan since 1981 from the Southeast US, I graduated from Northbook and University of Houston.

This year I am teaching sections of 7th grade Academic and PreAP science.   

I love science, Middle School, running, cooking, reading and  all things outdoorsy.

Anna Helm - Classroom





Kahoot Challenge : Changing Earth/WED

Kahoot Water 

Kahoot Challenge : Biosphere Part 2

kahoot Challenge: Biosphere

Kahoot Challenge: Matter and Energy 

Kahoot Challenge: Adaptations 

Kahoot Challenge: Natural Selection and Modern Genetics 

Kahoot Challenge: Genetics Part 2 

Kahoot Challenge: Genetics Part 1

Academic Spring SG Part III

Academic Spring SG Part II



Academic Spring SG Part I

Texas parks and Wildlife page link (with ecoregion short films)

Texas Ecoregions Aca vocab and map

Texas Ecoregions Notes KEY

Texas EcoRegions notes (flipchart)

KEY Fusion Chapter 8 review

Water and Ecoregions Jeopardy 

WED Jeopardy 

Academic Water and WED Study Guide

Cat Events Chart KEY

ACA World's Wonders Worn Down Student Sheet

ACA World's Wonders Worn Down Article

Looking for Evidence Assignment 

Looking for Evidence Info Sheet

Looking for Evidence RIVER PHOTOS 

Notes: Changing Earth

ACA W.E.D. Vocabulary 

Watershed Game

PAP- Water Review 

Crash Course: Pollution

Notes-Ground water and Surface Water 

ACA Water Vocab

ACA KEY Biomes Study Guide 

Biomes Jeopardy 

PAP Succession Lab

Biosphere Reinforcement 

ACA Biosphere Study Guide 

Cambodia's Abandoned Town (example of succession) 

Biomes Chart KEY

Crash Course-Succession

PAP The Lorax assignment 

The Lorax video

Biomes Stations

Desert reading 

Desert Plants and Animals

Desert map 

Grasslands Reading

Grasslands Plants and Animals 

Grasslands map

Taiga Reading

Taiga Plants and Animals 

Taiga Map

Temperate Deciduous Forest Reading

Temperate Deciduous Forest Plants and Animals 

Temperate Deciduous Forest Map

Tropical Rainforest Plants and Animals

Tropical Rainforest map

Tundra reading

Tundra Plants and Animals

Tundra map

Freshwater Ecosystem Plants and Animals

Freshwater Ecosystem reading 

Marine Ecosystem reading 

Marine Ecosystem  Plants and Animals

Notes-Changes in Ecosystems 

ACA_Climatogram HW

PAP-Origin and Dis of Communities HW

Notes-Habitats, Microhabitats, and Sustainability

Notes Aquatic Ecosystems 

ACA-Biosphere Vocabulary

Notes-Land Biomes

PAP_Lab- Energy Transformations

Cycles of Matter Study Guide Key

Cycles of Matter Jeopardy PDF

Cycles of matter Jeopardy PPT 

ACA- Matter and Energy Study Guide

Crash Course- Nitrogen and Phosphorus 

ACA Connecting Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration 

PAP Energy Pyramid HW

Notes-Food Chains and Energy Pyramids

Notes -Cycles of Matter 

ACA Energy Vocabulary 

Jeopardy-Survival and Adaptations 

ACA_Adaptations Study Guide

ACA-Plant Adaptations Webquest Website 1

ACA-Plant Adaptations Webquest Website 2

PAP Photosynthesis?CR Drawing 

Xylem Exploration Lab 

Notes-Plant adaptations 

Amoeba Sisters-Plant adaptations

Plant Adaptations Reinforcement

Mimic Octopus Video

Camouflage Flpichart observations

Blending Butterflies (protective coloration notes)

PAP Animal Behavior

Animal Adaptations Notes

ACA Adaptations Project Rubric

PAP Adaptations Project Rubric

Natural Selection Jeopardy 

ACA KEY NS Study Guide 

ACA Natural Selection Study Guide 

Notes-Dichotomous Keys 

PAP Notes Natural Selection and Modern Genetics 

ACA Natural Selection Vocab

Natural Selection/Selective Breeding Foldable Instructions 

Natural Selection and Modern Genetics Notes

Crash Course-Natural Selection 

KEY Heredity Study Gudie

Heredity Jeopardy

ACA Heredity Study Guide

PAP Pedigree Practice 

ACA DNA Structure

PAP Pedigree Notes

Punnett Square Notes 

PAP Traits Lab

PAP Heredity Notes Flip

ACA Genetics Notes (flip)


Crash Course Video-Heredity

Reproduction Notes (all) 

Amoeba Sisters- Reproduction 

Crash Course-Gregor Mendel

Artist Boat Kayak Trip Info Sheet 

Intro to Repro strategies data sheet 

Intro to Repro\ Strategies Articles

Aca Genetics vocab


Semester 1

Crash Course-Nervous System -Synapses

Brain Gain Article

Nevous System Notes KEY

ACA-Nervous System Vocab,

Crash Course Video-The Brain

Inforgraphic Printing/Sharing help

Mr. Etzel's Inforgraphic on Infographics

Mr. Etzel's Heart Infographic

ACA Research Notetaking sheet

Infographic Notes

ACA Infographic Rubric

PAP Inforgraphic Rubric

KEY-Cardio-Respiratory System SG

Cardio-Respiratory Jeopardy

PreAP- Digestive, Circulatory and Respiratory 

ACA_Cardio-Resp Study Guide

ACA_ Cardio-Resp Vocab

Notes-Respiratory System 

Practice Heart

Crash Course Respiratory System Video (PAP)

Pump it Up Heart Review Video

White Blood Cells Attack!

Brainpop! Blood

Brainpop! Heart

Brainpop! Circulatory System 

ACA The Heart

PAP Trace the Blood Flow

PAP Blood Flow Cut and Paste


Notes - Cardiovascular System 

Digestion Jeopardy Powerpoint

Digestion Jeopardy PDF

Aca Digestion Study Guide KEY

PAP Digestion Process Begins

ACA  Digestion Study Guide

Once  Upon a Swallow

Digestive System Notes

ACA Digestive System Vocab

Nutrition Review/Label Logic

Nutrition Notes Flip

Big mac Article

Big Mac Infographic

Supersize Me (in 7 minutes) 

SKMU Study Guide KEY 

SKMU and Systems Kahoot #2

Body Systems Kahoot #1

SKMU -Body Systems Jeopardy

ACA SKMU Study Guide

PAP No Bones about it Lab

HW Skeleton and What''s the Use

Notes KEY Skeletal/Muscular Systems 

PAP Body Systems Poster Rubric


PAP Human Body Systems Overview HW 

ACA Body Systems and SKMU Vocab 

Amoeba Sisters video-11 Champions

ACA Body Systems Chart 

PAP Body Systems Notes

Chem of Life Intro to Organisms Jeopardy 

Key ACA CofLife_Intro to Org Study guide 

ACA Chem of Life and Intro to Organisms Study Guide

PAP Cell Menu Project and rubric

Class Notes_ Work 

PAP Chemistry of Life Vocabulary 

ACA Chemistry Vocabulary

Plant cell pic

Animal Cell pic

Cell Foldable Inside 

Academic Cell Foldable outside

Levels of Organization Flipchart 

Cell Theory Flipchart 

Characteristics of Living Things Flipchart

Wacky History of Cell Theory 

Biomolecules Video 

Molecules of Life flipchart 

Observations and Inferences

Safety Contract 

Vocab ACA How a Scientist Thinks 

Vocab PAP How a Scientist Thinks 

Safety Info Sheet 

Science Safety Review 

Safety Symbols 

Class Info


Science Exam Days:

  • Tuesday OR Thursday
  • Exams are ALWAYS announced at least 3-4 days in advance.
  • Study guides are given for every exam.
  • Tutorials:  Monday and Wednesday mornings at 8 am.   Before exams  and upon request during Activity 
  • Retest Policy:

    If a student fails a test (<70), they will be given an opportunity to take a retest or do corrections for some points back. The highest grade a student can earn on a retest is a 70. This must be done in timely manner (within 1-2 weeks of the test date). Retakes for quizzes and semester exams are not allowed.

Class Schedule

1st Period: Academic Science

2nd Period:Pre-AP Science

3rd Period: Pre-AP Science

4th Period:Academic Science

5th Period: Academic Science

6th Period: Activity

7th Period: Conference

8th Period:Academic Science