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Weekly "Extra Help" Tutorials 

Academic and PreAP: come with your questions! 

Tuesdays, 7:30-8:00 Mrs. Krekeler, room 125

 Wednesdays, 8:00-8:23 Mrs. Helm, room 123

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Textbook Login

Student login[district login]@springbranchisd.com

Password: sb[student ID#]

Link to eBook

Mrs. Krekeler's PreAP Website 

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Textbook assignments:

Read every page, do not just skip through and answer the questions: Anything from the reading could be covered on tests or quizzes.

You must complete every question within the assigned page numbers (including questions that ask you to underline)

You may skip the “Think Outside the Box” questions (green boxes) and any question that asks you to do outside research

Grading will be different every time, but the assignment should always be completed as an “accuracy grade”.

Please note that major assignments, quizzes and tests will be scheduled on MMS 7th grade Academic Science and 7th grade PreAP Science pages.

Contact Information

Welcome back to school!

After more than a decade in the district, I'm excited to begin my third year at MMS  I've taught language arts as well as science. A 'naturalized" Texan since 1981 from the Southeast US, I graduated from Northbook and University of Houston.

This year I am teaching sections of 7th grade Academic and PreAP science.   

I love science, Middle School, running, cooking, reading and  all things outdoorsy.

Class Info


Science Exam Days:

  • Tuesday OR Thursday
  • Exams are ALWAYS announced at least 3-4 days in advance.
  • Study guides are given for every exam.
  • Tutorials:  Monday and Wednesday mornings at 8 am.   Before exams  and upon request during Activity 
  • Retest Policy:

    If a student fails a test (<70), they will be given an opportunity to take a retest or do corrections for some points back. The highest grade a student can earn on a retest is a 70. This must be done in timely manner (within 1-2 weeks of the test date). Retakes for quizzes and semester exams are not allowed.

Class Schedule

1st Period: Academic Science

2nd Period:Pre-AP Science

3rd Period: Pre-AP Science

4th Period:Academic Science

5th Period: Academic Science

6th Period: Activity

7th Period: Conference

8th Period:Academic Science