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I love teaching math in middle school; it is challenging and rewarding! Many of you might now me as Mendy Wheeler but I am still the same person just with a new name.  I was married in June 2013 and became a Witzenman. I have two children and 4 step-children. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 1996 with a degree in Education. I spent eight years teaching math at Spring Forest Middle School then stayed home for three years with my children.  I came back to teaching in the fall of 2007 and was blessed to find a job teaching math at MMS.   I know we will have a great year in math and I am looking forward to a fun-filled year of math!




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7th GT/8th Pre-AP Algebra

6th GT/7th Pre-AP



7th Grade Pre-AP Tutorials

Tutorials sessions will be held each week as follows:

Wednesday 3:35-4:05

Thursday 7:55-8:23 


Algebra Tutorials

Tuesday afternoon: Room 303 (Ivins)

Wednesday morning: Room 127 (Witzenman)

Wednesday afternoon: Room 301 (Greenhill)

Thursday morning: Room 303 (Ivins)



Pre-AP: This is the website for Holt so you can access both (7th) and green (8th)

Algebra:  You will access your online textbook through the Algebra link at the top of this page


 Online Textbook