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  • University of St. Thomas Masters of Educational Leadership
  • Baylor University  B.A. Sociology
  • Certified in Sociology, ESL, Language Arts, and English
  • Gifted and Talented Certification
  • Campus Improvement Team
  • Taught Pre AP Sophomore English at Jersey Village HS from 1994-1997
  • Taught Gifted Talented and Pre AP Sophomore English at Katy Taylor HS from 1997-2004
  • Worked for a Non- profit from 2004-2009
  • Cross Country and Track and Field Coach
  • Former Baylor Track and Field Athlete

Megan Watson - Classroom



Conference Period: 5th
Extension: 4052
Please check student grades on Skyward / Family Access 
In each 9 week grading period, the students will focus on various pieces of Literature, different styles of Writing, elements of Grammar and specific Vocabulary development.
  • Record all homework assignments from the board each day in your agenda book.
  • Keep all papers for the semester. 
  • Ask for work you have missed due to an absence.
  • Type all final drafts or writing projects. Use 12-pt font and double-space.
  • TEST DAYS: Tuesday and Thursday
      Be prepared for class, and turn in your best work.  
      If an assignment is due or scheduled and you are absent the day before it is due, you are STILL responsible for turning that assignment in on time.
      Participate in class. Many class periods are structured around group work or discussions, so to receive credit, make sure you are participating and contributing in the classroom.
DAILY:    20%Class work, Assigned homework, Class discussions, Group and class participation
QUIZZES: 30% Reading and pop quizzes, Presentations, Vocabulary quizzes (after each unit, Short writing assignments, Timed writing assignments, In-class/short term projects
TESTS:     50% Novel unit tests, Final drafts, Major essays, Major projects, Outside reading projects, Vocabulary Tests (cover 2 units)
 Homework/Daily Work: 1 day late: 0
1 day late: 30 points off
2 days late: 50 points off
3 days late: 0 and will not accept




Please see my blogspot--for assignments

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Tutorials will be scheduled on an as needed basis.  Please contact me via email to set up tutorials or speak with me in class.