Language Arts with Mrs. Ley

All information and updates you will need this year for Language Arts can be found by clicking the following link:

Mrs. Ley's Daily Blog


  • Record homework assignments from the board each day in your agenda book.
  • Look in the while you were out folders on the shelf by the door for items missed during an absence. Check with a neighbor to be sure you have all you need. If you have questions, you can see me after taking these two steps.
  • Please arrive to class prepared:
  1. DIviders
  2. Composition notebook (kept in class)
  3. Agenda 
  4. Black/Blue ink pens or pencil
  5. Set of markers
  6. Outside reading book 
  7. Book club or class novel when being read/discussed in class (These will be available for purchase in the library)
Test/Projects/Final drafts: 50%
Daily work/Homework: 20% 
Quizzes: 30%


Work that counts as a test grade will be accepted one day late for a maximum grade of an 75 and two days late for a maximum grade of a 50. No homework is accepted late and will automatically be a zero.