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Band Handbook


All classroom rules and procedures, and all MMS Band program policies, are contained in the MMS Eagle Band Handbook, which may be accessed by logging into our Charms webpage and going into the "Handouts" section.


About Me


My name is Michael Moreau, and this is my 9th year as the Assistant Band Director at Memorial Middle School and my 11th year of teaching. I teach beginner oboe, clarinet, saxophone, and percussion as well as the Concert Band. I also team-teach the Symphonic Band with Mr. Cortez and occasionally assist with beginner instruction for other instruments.

My hometown is Groves, TX, and I graduated from Port Neches-Groves High School in 2002. Following high school I attended Lamar University in Beaumont, TX, where I was an Honors Program Graduate and earned a Bachelor of Music degree magna cum laude in May 2007. Prior to coming to MMS, I taught for two years in Shepherd, TX, at both the high school and middle school levels. My primary instrument is oboe.

Outside of teaching I serve as a province governor for Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia music fraternity and am a member of the Houston Football Chapter of the Texas Association of Sports Officials. I'm also a proud Eagle Scout and am registered with the Mustang District of the Boy Scouts of America's Sam Houston Area Council as a counselor for Music, Bugling, Citizenship in the Nation, and Communication merit badges.

Regular Daily Schedule


 1st Period  Beginner Percussion  8:25-9:11 AM
 2nd Period  Symphonic Band  9:16-10:02 AM
 3rd Period  Concert Band  10:07-10:53 AM
 4th Period  ISS Duty (Conference if no ISS)  10:58-11:44 AM
 5th Period  Conference  11:49 AM - 12:35 PM
 LUNCH  8th Grade Lunch  12:40-1:10 PM
 6th Period  *Activity Period  1:15-1:47 PM
 7th Period  Beginner Clarinet  1:52-2:38 PM
 8th Period  Beginner Saxophone/Oboe  2:44-3:30 PM
















*No assigned Activity class; in Band Hall to help band students and available for parent conferences.



All middle school and high school music programs (band, orchestra, and choir) in SBISD use a data management system called Charms Office Assistant. This system allows for mass e-mail, posting of handouts and forms, management of instrument inventory and other equipment, tracking of student fees, etc.

The personalized site for the MMS Band allows parents and students to log in to view school equipment checked out to their children, fees paid and owed, and a calendar of required performances and other events. Parents can also see events on the calender which will need chaperone or volunteer helpers and can sign up to help by clicking a special link.

To Access Charms (First-Time Log In):

1.) Click this link - 
(Hint: Copy this URL and add it to your internet browser's bookmarks. If you click the link and then try to add the page as a bookmark, it won't work.) 

2.) Enter your child's SBISD student ID number in the "Student Area Password" box and click "Enter."

After logging into your child's account for the first time, you will be required to set a new password. It is important that both the student and parent(s) know the Charms password that is set! That way, both parents and students can access important band program information. If you and your child forget the password after setting it, you may contact Mr. Moreau or Mr. Cortez to have the password temporarily reset back to the student ID number and you will then be able to create a new password.




All classes in the MMS Band program utilize SmartMusic software to aid student achievement and assessment. The software includes pitch and rhythm recognition, so students using the program can get immediate feedback on what they are performing well and what they need to work on. The software also allows teachers to give assignments electronically and for students to submit the computer assessment score and a recording of their work from home. An electronic portfolio of student work is saved so that teachers, parents, and the students can assess progress over time.

We highly recommend that parents with computers and internet access at home purchase a subscription for their children to use SmartMusic at home. Subscriptions are $40 per year, or $36 per year if purchased at the beginning of the year on the Band Supply Order Form as part of our annual group order.

For more information on how to purchase a subscription and/or a microphone, see the information below.


Q1 - How will my child complete required class assignments if we don't have a subscription at home?
A1 - We have 5 computers in practice rooms at the school that students can use before school from 7:30-8:10 a.m. on any day except Tuesdays, during Activity (6th) period, or after school on most days until 4:30 p.m. Note that practice rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. They are usually most busy during Activity period and less busy before or after school.

Q2 - We did not purchase a subscription for our child at the beginning of the school year on the Band Supply Order Form as part of the group order. How can we get a subscription now?
A2 - You may purchase a subscription (and, if neccessary, a microphone) by clicking this link: Just click "ADD TO CART" next to "Student Subscription," and then do the same for the appropriate microphone if you need one. Note the following:

  • You must get the "Classic" SmartMusic subscription. You may see some references to the "new" web-based SmartMusic. The "new" SmartMusic does not yet have all of the features of the "classic" version, so we as a program have opted to stick with the "classic" version for now. Subscriptions to the "new" version are not compatible with the assignments we will be giving in class.
  • It is recommended that you purchase the external USB SmartMusic instrumental microphone for use with the software. Using an internal microphone built into a computer can cause inaccurate assessment results.
  • If your child will ONLY be using SmartMusic on an iPad, then you do not need to purchase an external microphone because the app will use the internal microphone built into the iPad. (External microphones cannot be used with iPads.)
  • When you go to check out, you must log in using the student's SmartMusic user account and password in order for the subscription to be active on that user account. Ask your child for this information. Note that even though you may pay with a credit card, that payment information is not stored in your child's account, so there is no need to worry about your child gaining access to your credit card information and making unauthorized purchases.

Q3 - We purchased a subscription, either at the beginning of the year or online on our own. How do we obtain the software installation file and install the software on our computer?
A3 - SmartMusic does not send installation CDs unless specifically requested. The installation file can be downloaded by clicking the following link: The website will automatically detect whether you need the Windows or Mac version. Once downloaded, simply run the installation file. After installation, your child will run and log into the software. His/her subscription should already be active on his/her user account.

To install the iPad version of SmartMusic, go to the App Store and search for "SmartMusic." The SmartMusic app itself is a free download, but it will only work if you log into the app using a SmartMusic user account with an an active subscription attached.

Q4 - We are having problems installing or using SmartMusic at home. How can we get help?
A4 - Please call SmartMusic technical support for help. The phone number is 866-240-4041. They are available during the school year daily from 9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Grading Policies



40% Daily Grades - Includes a weekly participation grade and may also include grades for some other assignments or quizes. The participation grade for each student starts at 100 each week and deductions are made each day for not having an instrument (-25), not having an essential accessory for the intrument (-10), not having the band binder, book, and/or music (-10), not having a pencil ready to use on the music stand (-5), playing without permission (-5), or not participating appropriately or violating classroom rules (-5).

40% Test/Performance Grades - Playing tests, where students must demonstrate proficiency on their instruments, are conducted approximately three times each Nine-Weeks grading period. Required public performances are also taken as test grades. For performances, a student will earn a 100 unless points are deducted for not being present at the specified time, not wearing the required dress, not having his/her instrument or required accessories, not having his/her music, or not following the instructions of the directors during the performance.

20% Homework Grades - Homework grades are taken for forms sent home that need to be signed and returned, and also for SmartMusic assignments.


  • On time (submitted before the start of band class on due date): Full credit
  • 1 class day late (submitted before the start of band class on the class day immediately after the due date): -25 points
  • 2 class days late (submitted before 11:59 p.m. on the second class day after the due date): -50 points
  • More than 2 class days late: zero credit (SmartMusic is set to not allow submission)