If you speak a language other than English at home, please go to the Spring Branch Testing Center before enrollment.

Testing Center Procedures

Testing Center Map


New Student Registration 2018-2019

August 01 - 02nd 8:00-12:00 & 1:00-3:30

August 06 – 09th 8:00- 12:00 & 1:00-3:30

August 13 – 14th 8:00 – 12:00 & 1:00-3:30

August 16 After 1:00 (First day of school)


Registration Requirements

1.     Proof of Residency (provide one):

  • Residential Lease – Parents & Student(s) Names Included
  • Deed of Property or Mortgage Documents
  • Recent Tax, Light or Water Bill - ONLY IF YOU OWN

2.     Current Immunization/Vaccination/Shot Records

  • According to Texas Department of Health

3.     Birth Certificate

** Alternate-PASSPORT – for students who come from a non-US country ONLY

4.     Social Security Card (if student has one)

5.     Report Card (most recent) or Withdrawal Papers (previous school)

6.     Standardized Test Scores (most recent)

  •    TAKS, Stanford, Etc

7.     Identification Credentials of Both Parents (legible copies are fine)

   * State ID Card, Driver’s License or Passport

8.     Custody /Court Documents (if applies)



*Please bring all of your copied documents during registration*



Attendance & Registration Office

Hello,I am in charge of new student registration and withdrawals, also all notifications regarding students absences. Please see the Attendance and Registration Modules for further details.

The best way to reach me is via email.

Hope you have a fantastic day!


Ave Duran

ADA / Registrar
Memorial Middle School
12550 Vindon Dr.
Houston, TX 77024
Fax & Direct Line: 713-251-3905




 Attendance Policy


If your student is sick please make sure to call the school's Main Office (713-251-3900) and let us know before 10:00 AM. Please indicate the student's full legal name, grade, and reason. (There is no need to call if he/she will be coming in late with a medical note/excuse).

If your student has to leave campus for a medical appointment, please make sure to sign him/her IN and OUT through the main office and turn in any medical notes, as soon as possible. If you leave a doctor/dentist/ortho office and forgot to ask for a note, you may request them to fax the note to us (713-251-3915).

All other absences require written notification signed and dated (including student's full legal name and reason) and are DUE no later than TWO days upon the students return to campus. Email notifications are also accepted. Please note that some absences may require a confirmation from church, like in the case of a religious observance.

For further details please feel free to call or email me at any time. If I am unavailable, please leave a message including the student's name and grade (spell out the students last name please).

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Registration Requirements

 1) You must be residing in our attendance zone (please refer to district website)

 2) Provide the following documents to MMS

   * Proof of Residence - If you...

      Own your home: current tax, water or electric bill ONLY.

      Leasing your home: current lease agreement, with parents' name (tenants) and students' names (occupants)

  * Withdrawal Form with Withdrawal Grades (previous school)

      If you are registering a student at the beginning of the school year, then a Withdrawal Form is NOT necessary.

      However, the end-of-year report card must state that the student was “promoted to the next grade level.

  * Standardized Test [STAAR, TAKS, Stanford, etc] Results (previous school, if applies)

  * Current Vaccination / Immunization (Shot) Records (previous school)

  * Birth Certificate and Social Security Card (originals, no copies)

  * Parents' Identification Credentials [State ID Card, DL or Passport] (originals, no copies)

  * Custody / Court Documents (if applies)

 3) Be prepared to provide all documentation (in English) upon registration.

 NOTE: Registration may be delayed due to immunization or testing center requirements.