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Hello MMS Family!

I couldn't be more excited to join a campus with such a rich history of providing the Memorial community with an exemplary educational experience.

Since I am new to campus my main focus is to learn what makes our campus great. I will complete this through:

  • observing every teacher within one month
  • meeting with every staff member for a 15 minute meet and greet
  • plan community connection times with parents
  • identify and nurture partner relationships

I do not plan on making any major changes during my first year. I am a learner. Once I have a solid understanding of what has led to Memorial's success, then we will discuss as a community, what direction we should move in and how we can improve.

This will be a bottom-up and collaborative process and I look forward to serving the Memorial Middle community.

Feel free to reach me by email with any questions, comments, concerns, and celebrations.


Daniel Bauer

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