Order forms/letters will be mailed in September that will provide ordering instructions and a customer number, but you don't have to wait for this letter to order. You can order a 2018 yearbook anytime after June 15 simply by going to ww.smart-pay.com and finding the Memorial HS ordering screen. Yearbooks are $60. They always sell out, so be sure to order early. Yearbooks are not sold at school...only through Balfour's Smart Pay. 


      2018 SENIOR ADS

You should have received information about placing a senior ad in the 2018 yearbook by mail in May. An ad contract and other ad information are available at the bottom of this page. Ads for the 2018 book are due on September 7 by 3:15. Please do not ask for an extension on this date...we have very little time to get the ads completed and sent to the publisher, so it is important we have all the ads turned in by Sept. 7. Payment alone does not hold ad space. We must have everything turned in on Sept. 7.

If you are sending a pre-designed ad or a senior photo from a professional designer/photographer, PLEASE NOTE THIS on your ad contract. Photos or ads from professional photographers can be sent to senioradsmhs@gmail.com.

Please make sure you come PROOF YOUR AD on the assigned day (as shown on the ad contract). Last names starting with A-M may come proof ads on October 24 between 9:00 and 4:00 in R206. Last names N-Z may come proof ads on October 25. Ads that are not proofed are printed as is and no refunds/adjustments can be made to ads not proofed by a parent. Obviously, we do our best to ensure that no mistakes are made, but it is very important that parents come check their ads to ensure accuracy before the ads are sent to the publisher. 


In order for 2017 seniors to appear in the senior section of the yearbook, they need to have their portrait taken at ChildChamp Photo over the summer or in early September. Appointment cards were sent by mail to home addresses in May. Please go to www.childchamp.brownbookit.com/schedules/mhsseniors  to make your appointment or call them at 832.284.8787. Please make EVERY EFFORT to have your portrait taken at ChildChamp over the summer. If you don't have your portrait taken by mid-September, you will not appear in the senior section of the 2018 yearbook. 

Students interested in being reporters/designers/editors on the yearbook staff should take Journalism 1 as the prerequisite course and then submit an application in the Spring. Students interested in being a photographer only (no reporting/editing/designing) should take Photojournalism or Photography as the prerequisite course and then apply in the spring. Please email Ms. Hartman at holly.hartman@springbranchisd.com with any further questions.