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Notes from Cyber Safety Meeting November 17

PDF of Ms. Saferzadeh's Power Point

FLIP Camera filming of the meeting speakers

22 Social Media Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2014


Please click on The Red Book icon to view the pdf or download to your computer.  With a 2014 copyright, this book has been totally reworked  (thanks to Ms. Bottom's Electronic Media class) with articles from the kids (thanks to the ANVIL staff for permission to print!) and from parents. Sections on current laws, internet concerns, and updates on the drugs available to our children in the Memorial area will help inform while essays from the students themselves will help enlighten. Memorial Villages Police Chief J D Sanders speaks to the problems he sees and hopes he has for students and their families.

Hoping this resource will be of help to everyone in the Mustang  Community!    


 Article on Teen Driving from Houston Chronicle, June 25, 2014-- a must read!


                                                                           (click here to print out this editorial)


                                       New stats from Time Magazine, June 30, 2014



Cyber World Resources for Parents


informative article on Yik Yak    



details on new and scary apps kids are using    




specific instructions on putting parental controls on devices ( Windows 7 and 8, OS X, iOS and Android)



from CommonSenseMedia, lessons (click on high school) for students on current electronic topics including some powerful film clips



"texting through the night"     http://kckidsdoc.com/teens-texting-at-night.html 


"They loved your G.P.A. then they saw your tweets"    



Other Topics for Parents


Texas state laws on hazing