Frequently Asked Questions


Textbook Clerk Lynn LeJeune was hired this year to manage textbooks at Memorial High School. You may contact Lynn via email at betty.lejeune@springbranchisd.com

Hours of Operation Bookroom hours are 7:30-11:30 and 1:00-3:30.

Location The Textbook Office is Room A110 in the Aqua Wing across from the grade-level office.

Textbook Contract Books issued to students must be returned at the end of the course. If a book is not returned, the student will be charged for it. Students will also be charged for textbook damage. If the fine/fee is not paid, the student may not check out additional books, and records/participation in certain activities will be on hold. This includes, but is not limited to, transcripts requests and parking permit.

Lost & Found Books found in the lunchrooms, hallways, etc., will be held in the bookroom for 1 day. If the book is not claimed by the end of the day, the student will be given credit for the book.  The book will be returned to storage.  When the student asks for the book; a new book will be issued. 

The Bookroom also houses general Lost & Found items, including glasses, keys, clothing, etc.

Textbook Price List


Textbook Price List See Below

For books prices e-mail betty.lejeune@springbranchisd.com or call 713-251-2534.


Second Set of Books


Second Set of Books

MHS doesn't sell textbooks to parents, however, if you need a 2nd set of books for your child, Amazon.com is a good source to get used books..

Look at your child's book. On the back cover of the book; look for the 10 or 13 digit ISBN number.  This is a unique number that helps to identify the author, publisher and copyright year so that you get the correct edition of the book.  Use this number when ordering used books.