Connected Learning Series Spring 2014

Blending Learning with Edmodo Network

Learn how to leverage technology and continue the learning outside of your classroom walls! Edmodo, a social learning platform, creates opportunities for differentiated and personalized learning experiences for all learners. The workshop itself is blended and participants who complete all 6 levels will be awarded a SBISD Blending Learning with Edmodo badge and points on our SBISD PD Leaderboard.

Each Level is a class in and of itself. You can choose to earn the badge or not. Coming this summer, you will be able to attend all levels online and/or place out of a level by passing the quiz.

We are offering the network twice - beginning January 21st and March 11th!

Level 1: Online - Introduction to the Blended Learning Model - Prior to January 21, 2014 OR March 11, 2014


Level 2: Face-to-Face (online coming this summer!) - Edmodo Basics


Level 3: Face-to-Face (online coming this summer!) - The Library, Formative and Summative assessments using Edmodo, Student and Parent Accounts


Level 4: Face-to-Face (online coming this summer!) - Digital Citizenship, Quizzes, Communities and Store



Level 5: Face-to-Face (online coming this summer!) - Mobile Device access, Badging and Best Practices


Level 6: Online (and real world) - Blending of your classroom facilitated in Edmodo

 (Coming soon)


Questions? Contact Karen Justl


Connected Learning Series Summer 2013


Blended/Flipped Learning Network

June 11-12

Blended learning is believed to be an innovation that will disrupt educational practices. Flipping a classroom is also an innovative practice that can change the classroom experience for students and enable you to have more meaningful conversations with your students--edging you closer to a differentiated and personalized learning environment. Participation in this Network is by invitation only. If you are a junior or senior level high school teacher interested in participating in the Flipped/Blended Learning Network, please contact your principal. S/he has all of the details of the Network.

Canvas Instructure Network

June 13

Teachers participating in the Flipped/Blended Learning Network will attend the Canvas Instructure Network. Canvas Instructure is a learning management system you will use to expand learning from the time and space of the period you have students. This training is a hands-on session where you will begin creating your course and digitizing your content.


Google + Networks = Collaboration in the Classroom!

June 12 & 13 (AM or PM)

The purpose of the Google Network is to grow the use of Google Apps as collaborative tools in the classroom. Come to two-half days of training, and then utilizing Google tools we'll stay connected and work collaboratively to develop/try/reflect on two lessons utilizing Google tools. Commit yourself to some new ideas and ways to transform your classroom into a collaborative environment that promotes critical thinking, collaboration and extends learning outside the classroom!

AM Cohort -

PM Cohort -

iCreate on a Mobile Device Network

June 10 & 11 [Cohort A (AM) and Cohort B (PM)]

June 19 & 20 [Cohort C (AM) and Cohort D (PM)]

Elevate the use of the iOS devices in your classroom beyond skill and drill! Come transform your thinking about the way these tools can be used to promote critical thinking and creativity in the classroom. After two-half days of training (management tips, features and apps), you'll stay connected with peers in a social space and commit to develop/facilitate/reflect on 2 lessons that offer students new ways to demonstrate understanding!

Cohort A -

Cohort B -

Cohort C -

Cohort D -

R&R Through Technology Network

June 10 & 17 (Cohort A)

June 18 & 19 (Cohort B)

Learn how to boost rigor and relevance in your classroom by applying the Technology Applications TEKS and the Project Based Learning model. Project Based Learning allows students to take learning into their own hands as they use technology and inquiry to build knowledge in a structured environment. This network consists of three parts - a one-two hour guided exploration of the concept on your own ahead of time, a two-day face-to-face session, and a digital followup through our online network. We will cover the basics (Ownership, Creativity, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking) as well as collaborate to build your own PBL unit. Open to both elementary and secondary teachers. It is highly recommended to come with your team or with another teacher on your campus you would like to create an interdisciplinary unit with but this is not required.

Cohort A - (This will register you for both face-to-face days)

Cohort B - (This will register you for both face-to-face days) Teacher Camp

June 18

Participants will learn how to use advanced tools in to create sequenced, content- and standards-aligned units that incorporate new and existing resources. Participants will also learn how to use My Curriculum tools to create projects that provide a context and application for essential math, science, and technology ideas, encouraging students to think critically. is a K-5 adoption only and includes math, science, and technology curriculum. This will be a full day session from 8:30 - 3:30 with an hour for lunch. Please bring your laptop and make sure you have access to digital files and curriculum resources you will need to build a unit.

Up your Game BrainPOP Teacher Camp

June 20

Spend a half-day with us to learn how to: * modify and add to the BrainPOP quizzes to differentiate for the learners in your classroom! * engage learners through gaming, and * view a preview of MyBrainPOP - a new tool that allows students (and teachers) to track the topics they've explored in BrainPOP - all of these tools designed to use BrainPOP in a more personalized way.

AM -

PM -