Third grade's theme is CHANGE. Much of the curriculum relates to that theme, which we think is particularly apropos, as students in the third grade experience just about as much change in one year as they ever will.

Third graders look forward to many special activities during the year. In the spring, they study chocolate. The students study the origin of chocolate, read novels about the yummy candy and then make, name, advertise, and sell chocolate candy. This usually happens in February, right around Valentine's. This is also their civic project, as a portion to the proceeds is sent to a local charity. Last year the children voted to send it to Bush-Clinton Fund for Tsunami Victims.

They also look forward to their Living Book Reports. This is the culmination of the biography unit in which they dress as their character, stand in birth order, and present interesting facts to all that attend.  Please viisit the living book report links listed in the links section of this page (below).

There are many other changes for third graders. They are introduced to multiplication and division, continue to refine their cursive handwriting, and are allowed to run for and participate in Student Council. The Social Studies curriculum focuses on Community and includes a study of Houston. Science uses the hands on FOSS Kits and includes the studies of sound, geology, plants, and animals. This year we will be raising crayfish, known locally as crawfish.