In second grade, parents and teachers work together to create a challenging and stimulating learning environment that addresses the needs of all students. Much of the emphasis is on building independent, responsible learners who are problem solvers.

Second graders read from a variety of genres including novels, poetry, periodicals, basals, and nonfiction trade books. Students meet in reading groups and have free choice of books to read during independent reading time. The students learn a variety of strategies to enhance fluency and comprehension. One of our main goals in second grade is teaching children to internalize reading strategies that produce independent, lifelong readers.

Writers' Workshop is one way we are able to address the individual needs of our young authors. The children are able to choose their own topics and work at their own pace writing, editing, conferencing, and publishing. The students are taught D'Nealian handwriting and are introduced to cursive handwriting the second semester of second grade.

The mathematicians in second grade are involved in a variety of daily math activities. The students master skills in addition, subtraction, measurement, and fractions. Problem solving is a major focus in mathematics. The students are able to complete and explain their answers in a variety of ways.

Social Studies/Science
Our social studies and science concepts are taught in a form of study units and are integrated into the language arts and math curriculum. The student are engaged in a variety of learning experiences, such as projects, experiments, and community building activities. The students learn concepts of interdependence, economics, citizenship, geography, and community. Our hands on science curriculum is organized around units such as balance and motion, air and weather, birds, and habitats.