The first grade teachers at MDE work closely as a team in order to provide children with a happy and safe learning environment.

Language Arts
First grade’s approach to reading and writing is through a balanced literacy program.

A daily routine in language arts consists of the following:

  • shared reading and poetry
  • guided reading
  • independent reading
  • shared writing
  • interactive writing
  • journals/writer’s workshop
  • handwriting
  • spelling
  • literacy work stations


We have a spelling test every Friday. A list of spelling words is sent home on Monday. Please help your child prepare for the test by practicing every night.

It is also very important for your child to read 15 minutes every day. This will help to build fluency. After reading, ask your child to retell the story to monitor comprehension.

Six strands are taught in SBISD. In first grade math, problem solving, graphing, and patterning are taught throughout the day. Concrete learning, with manipulatives, allows a student to experience true understanding and build strategic problem solving skills so it becomes internalized. The following strands are taught:

  • whole numbers
  • measurement
  • probability & statistics
  • fractions & decimals
  • geometry
  • algebraic thinking


Science & Social Studies
We integrate science and social studies into our language arts curriculum. The following are units taught during the year:

  • Citizenship and Community
  • The Five Senses
  • Cycles (animal life cycles, seasons)
  • Maps and Globes 
  • Natural Resources 
  • Soil
  • Friends Near and Far
  • Matter
  • America the Beautiful
  • Insects 
  • Penny For Your Thoughts (Needs & Wants)