Memorial Drive Elementary

Summer Reading and Writing 2014 - 2015

“Hats off to Reading”


In an effort to make a bigger connection between reading and writing, MDE’s summer program, HATS OFF TO READING, has been developed to encourage your child to continue what has been taught in the classroom.  They have participated in Writers Workshop and been guided through writing their opinions of a book in the form a book review.  An example of a book review is included in this packet.

As always, MDE students are encouraged to read throughout the summer.  Keep a reading record on the sheets provided and make sure to turn in the list to your teacher by August 30, 2014.  All students who participate by reading throughout the summer will make the Reading Honor Roll and have their names displayed near the library this fall.  A winner will be selected from each class.

Writing will be in the form of a book review.  See the suggested reading and writing assignments as a guide.  A composition book has been provided for your writings.  When school begins next fall, choose the book review you are most proud of and turn it in to your teacher by August 30, 2014.

Students that participate in HATS OFF TO READING summer reading and writing program will be invited to participate in a celebration where they will be recognized for all of their hard work.  Details on this will be coming out in the fall.  Your reading list and your book review are your tickets to the celebration and must be turned in to your teacher by August 30, 2014.

Happy reading and writing,

Meredith Woitas

2014-2015 Summer Reading & Writing Chair


For more information check out the rest of the packet!