Homework Policy

Homework is any activity where learning is extended after school and not teacher directed.   We want the children to understand that their school work is important.  Homework helps instill a sense of responsibility, accountability, motivation and self-confidence.  It must be relevant to student’s lives and adaptable.  Most assignments allow students to practice using a new skill or review previous skills.  Interactive homework means families studying together such as playing math games, keeping weather charts, recording the phases of the moon, researching tidal waves on the Internet, etc.

Homework folders and assignment sheets help children keep track of their assignments in grades K-3.  Students in grades 4–5 have binders and assignment books for their homework. The homework goes home each night to be reviewed by both child and parent.  Please help your child find the best place and time to complete the homework.  The students must bring these folders and binders back to school.  To promote student responsibility, we request that parents not deliver forgotten homework to the student at school. Students are not allowed to return after school to retrieve forgotten homework. Notices are sent home to parents when their child has not completed or returned a homework assignment.  Please check with your homeroom teacher for more information and check the revised district grading guidelines on the SBISD Website.  Expect homework Monday-Thursday.