Technology @ MDE

Current Technology Devices @ MDE

  • Promethean Activboards in all grade Pre-K-5 classrooms, art, music, resource and library
  • Technology lab consisting of 24 desktops, color printer, projector, 2 scanners
  • Project Room consisting of 24 laptops, projector, printer, 2 scanners
  • Laptop cart with 16 computers
  • Laptop cart with 22 netbooks
  • Black and White printers in all rooms
  • 5 iPod Touches and 5 Netbooks in the Pre-K Classroom
  • 5 iPod Touches and 5-6 Netbooks in the K-2 Classrooms
  • 4 iPads and 6 Netbooks in the 3-5 Classrooms
  • 8 iPods and an Xbox 360 with Kinect and Projector in Health Fitness
  • 5 iPads in Art
  • 3 MacBooks in Music
  • 2 iPod Touches and 2 Netbooks in SPED Resource
  • 1 iPod Touch and 1 Netbook in AIM
  • Document Cameras in all classrooms
  • iTouch listening centers in PreK and Kinder classes
  • Nintendo Wii in AIM room and library
  • 16 Macbooks, 15 netbooks, 12 iTouches, 17 iPads, 12 Flip Cameras, 15 digital cameras, and a video camera in the library
  • MDE TV Broadcasting Room

Online Learning @ MDE

Technology News @ MDE

Want to get the "scoop" on what is happening in the world of technology in and out of the MDE walls? Head over to A Scoop of Technology...with Education Sprinkles. It's an educational technology blog with an extra helping of personality thrown in!

Technology for Parents @ MDE

Technology Third Thursdays:

Would you like to know more about the technology your student is using at school and how you can incorporate that at home? Join MDE's Instructional Technology Specialist, Krystal Weiss, for monthly technology classes. Classes will begin at 8:00 in room 212. Bring your coffee, your device and your inquiring spirit!




Who to Contact:

Krystal Weiss, MDE Instructional Technology Specialist
Email Me

Phone: 713-251-6332