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Memorial Drive offers a general music program to all children in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, directed by a certified music specialist, Gina Dixon.

Our mission is to successfully engage students in quality musical experiences that will nurture lifelong involvement in music, give them a better understanding of themselves, a sensitivity toward others and an appreciation for the world in which they live.

Our classroom activities are based upon the Kodaly Concept of music education. The ultimate objective of the Kodaly Concept is attainment of music literacy at the highest aesthetic level. We believe everyone has musical aptitude and that musical skills are developed through a highly-structured and sequential learning approach. These approaches include rhythmic and singing games, movement, rhymes, listening experiences, instrumental activities, patriotic, seasonal, classical, and folk music. Through focused listening and singing, playing various instruments and moving to music, students learn about the various aspects of music, such as tempo, pitch, rhythm, dynamics, form, and timbre.

Our classroom atmosphere is one in which skill-building materials are transfered from previously learned folk songs that were presented sensitively and accurately; furthermore, joyful participation, spontaneous responses and artistic performances and pursued enthusiastically with the students.

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The Fiddling Ponies - A Suzuki Violin Program
Amanda Kofoed, Instructor
This is a tuition-based Suzuki violin program in which students have the opportunity to study both privately and in groups. This program held weekly, provides an after-school group class and an individual private lesson for each student. There are a variety of scheduled performances, clinics, festivals and recitals held throughout the school year. A fee of $750 per year plus an on-going expense fee, payable in two installments, covers the cost of the program. A unique and important feature of the Suzuki program is that parents are requested to be present during lessons in order to gain first-hand understanding of what their children are learning so that they may provide them support and guidance at home.

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