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At MDE all students Kindergarten through 5th grade have the opportunity to participate in Art Education. The art curriculum focuses on the Discipline Based Art Education (DBAE) philosophy.  DBAE integrates four disciplines: aesthetics, art production, art history, and art criticism.  This philosophy corresponds to the four basic strands of the Art TEKS: perception; creative expression/performance; historical and cultural heritage; and critical evaluation.

Just as words and sentences are the building blocks of reading, and numbers and operations are the building blocks of math, the elements and principles of art are the building block for solving visual problems. The elements of art are shape, color, texture, line, form, value, and space.  The principles of art are emphasis, harmony, balance, variety, movement, rhythm, proportion, and unity.  The art curriculum utilizes at least one element or principle in each lesson, encouraging students to experiment with new concepts and challenging them to build upon prior knowledge to solve problems in a new way.

Students have the opportunity to work in a variety of art media throughout the year including: oil pastels, watercolor, printmaking, clay, and fibers.

Students will be given two grades in art: one for conduct and one for performance (projects). The grades given in art class are E (excellent), S (satisfactory), N (needs improvement), and U (unsatisfactory). Conduct grades will be based on how many times a student has to sign the conduct book in the art room each grading period. If a student has not had to sign the conduct book, he/she will receive an E. Project/performance grades will be based on following the objective of the lesson and the effort or craftsmanship put into the project. Students will be made aware of the criteria for each project and reminded of the criteria throughout production.

Art Shows 
The Spring Branch art education program also has several art shows for which your child’s artwork may be chosen. If your child’s work is chosen, signed permission to display his/her artwork is necessary, and you will be notified in writing. Some of the art shows are: Spring Branch Rodeo Art Show in January; Spring Branch Spring Art Show at Memorial City Mall in March; and Running for the Arts Auction in April.

Texas Elementary Art Meet (TEAM)
MDE artists also participate in Texas Elementary Art Meet (TEAM). TEAM is an arts event / competition conducted by the Texas Art Educators’ Association to recognize exemplary elementary student art work. TEAM event judging takes place in mid-April.

Judges evaluate student art work based on individual art achievement and execution. Students are judged on the art work and a written self-evaluation of the art work and rated as GROWING, GOOD, or OUTSTANDING. All participating students will receive a certificate and either a ribbon or a medal. Students will also receive a copy of the judges’ notes and comments about their artwork.

A Personal Note
As Pablo Picasso said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” In addition to providing students a language for visual expression, creating and analyzing art promotes visual literacy; critical and creative thinking; and problem solving, all of which enhance learning in ALL areas of the curriculum. The future depends on critical and creative thinking, and the young artists at MDE are the future scientists and mathematicians, philosophers and teachers, critics and leaders.

For Parent and Students:

  • art4mde
    • Art online for MDE teachers, parents and students
    • Art room info, art games, museum information and more
  • Artsonia
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    • Securely share your child’s art with family & friends
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    • Purchase gifts featuring your artist’s work
    • New feature this year:  encourage your child to post "artist statements" for their artworks

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