Housman Kindergarten is a full day program. Our classes consist of students who are fluent in English, Second Language Learners, and Bilingual students. All kindergarten students participate in calendar activities, daily news, a balanced literacy curriculum which includes shared reading, interactive reading, guided reading, shared writing, interactive writing, writer's workshop, and literacy centers. Our students also participate in guided math activities, problem solving giant journals, math centers, social studies, and science experimenting and journals. As if our days are not full of enough activities, our students also enjoy weekly trips to the library, buddy-reading, computer lab, health fitness, music, art and free choice centers. We are here to instill a love of learning in these children and create lifelong learners and future valuable members of our community.

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  • Anne Bailey 
  • Andrea Buck
  • Adelina Phucas- Team Leader
  • Claudia Nadarasa