5th grade Team Picture

Fifth Grade


Welcome to 5th Grade. We are very excited to be in a new school. This year is full of challenges with moving back into our home campus and continuing to strive for meet standards status with the STAAR testing. In math, during the second semester we are focusing on decimals, 2D and 3D shapes and their attributes. We will also work on volume, measurement conversions, coordinate grids, and elapsed time. In Science we will continue to work on Earth Science and Space.   They will learn about the solar system, moon phases, the forces that change the Earth’s surface, and about fossil fuels. In Social Studies we will learn about the Westward Movement and Industrial Revolution.
Even though we are covering everything that the students need to learn to pass the STAAR test, we need your help. Please make sure your child completes his/her homework each night and returns it the next day. Part of their homework is to read each night for 20 minutes and to practice their math facts.



  • Rosa Beck 
  • Yessika Torres
  • Diane (Cynthia) Knapp - Team Leader
  • Maria Villarreal