Hello, Cougars!

I'm very excited to be a member of the Hunters Creek Elementary family.  It is my belief that education should enrich each student as an individual.  It is our responsibility as educators to teach our children to become independent thinkers, empowering them to seek and interconnect knowledge, and ultimately to become lifelong learners.  We are also role models for our students, and as such, I strongly believe that we should lead them by example in treating others with dignity and respect.

I have always loved learning and I strive to do so each and every day.  I received my bachelor's degree from Texas State University (still hard to say, as it will always be Southwest Texas to me), and my master's in educational leadership from St. Thomas University.

I am currently completing my 13th year in education.  I began my career at Northwood Elementary in San Antonio, where I taught 1st, 2nd, and 4th grades.  I then moved to Jackson Middle School where I taught 8th grade English language arts.  I moved to Houston in 2009,  where I continued teaching 8th grade English language arts for four years at Landrum Middle School.  I began serving as an iCoach at Ridgecrest Elementary in 2013, where I am today.

I was born in Michigan, but moved to Texas when I was five.  I grew up in San Antonio (Go Spurs, Go!), and I still go there often to spend time with my parents.  I moved to Houston in 2009, when I was blessed to meet my wonderful husband.  We recently adopted an adorable Japanese Chin rescue dog named Penny, who melts our hearts every day.  We are both sports  fans, and always look forward to football season to root for the Texans and the Longhorns (yes, I'm a Longhorn by marriage).  We both love to learn, so our favorite vacation spots usually include extensive museum visits in places like Washington D.C., or revolve around exploring the world's natural beauty, preferably in the mountains where it is cooler.  In my free time I enjoying reading, exercising, dining out, watching movies, and spending time with friends.      

I am excited to meet everyone and begin this wonderful new journey.  Here's to a great new school year!