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Our goal for fourth grade students is for them to become independent learners and problem solvers who will be ready for the twenty-first century. Cooperative group work and divergent thinking skills are strongly encouraged. We also place a strong emphasis on helping our students become more proficient in their written and oral language skills.

Reading - 4th graders will be reading every day this year to help them learn and sometimes just for fun! We will be reading novels of various levels and genres, sometimes as a class and sometimes in small groups. We will also be reading short stories, articles, essays, non-fiction pieces, and poetry. 4th graders are encouraged to read independently each night as they work to increase their fluency and comprehension as a reader. We will also focus on utilizing a variety of reading skills to help your child become a fluent reader who understands what he/she is reading and to inspire a deep love of reading. We invite you to read with your child at home every night to support and reinforce all that we are doing here at school!

Writing - 4th graders will be writing every day! We will be journal writing as well as writing narratives and expository pieces, letters, newspaper articles, and summaries. 4th graders will learn to vary their language and writing style based on the audience and purpose for writing. We'll use our spelling and grammar lessons to help proofread written work. 4th grade is a year in which students will be writing more than they ever have, and we will be doing this in a variety of ways, using a multitude of activities, to help us enjoy writing and to make it creative and fun!

Math - Utilizing the math workshop method, we will be incorporating a variety of activities through whole and small group instruction, mini-lessons, independent practice, centers and enrichment activities. Our math curriculum encourages a high level of student interaction while focusing on mathematical relationships central to the curriculum.  Students will participate in discussions to share strategies and ideas to help us learn from each other. Reflection is also a key piece to help us become aware of our own thinking, to think about how we learn, what works best for us, and how to be flexible depending on the task at hand.

Science – 4th graders will be exploring many topics of interest this year in the areas of Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science and The Nature of Science.  Throughout the year, we will have exciting experiments, conduct research, build our vocabulary, and read non-fiction texts to enhance our understanding of these concepts.


Social Studies – 4th graders will take part in an in-depth study of Texas this year. Topics we will study include the regions of Texas, Native Americans, the 6 flags over Texas, Texas’ independence, the Alamo, becoming the 28th state, the Civil War, farming, oil, equality, government, culture, etc.