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The music program in Hunters Creek Elementary offers every child experiences which will help to enhance his perspectives, influence his value choices, and shape his life.

Our classroom activities are based upon the Kodaly concept of music education in which musical literacy is the ultimate objective. In music class the atmosphere is one in which: (1) skill building materials are taken from previously learned folk and art songs that have been presented sensitively and accurately by the teacher; (2) joyous participation and artistic performances are pursued with the students.

Musical understanding is achieved through singing, clapping and reading music, playing instruments, and using body movements. We believe music is an art and its benefits are in direct proportion to active participation. Walk into a music class at Hunters Creek and find smiles, laughter, and lots of acceptance!

Special Program: Suzuki Violin

Suzuki Violin at Hunters Creek Elementary Hunters Creek Elementary offers a tuition based Suzuki Violin program. Each week the students in the violin program receive either a private lesson or a small group lesson and a large group lesson, utilizing the Suzuki method of teaching. Some lessons are during the school day and some are after school.  Parents attend a lesson with the students each week and daily practice at home is required to continue participation in the program. 

The Suzuki method, is named after its founder Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Under this method the children learn by constant positive reinforcement, repetition, parent involvement, a lot of listening and encouragement. In addition to the classroom study of violin, the students at Hunters Creek have many opportunities to perform, both at school and in the community.

Through participation in the violin program, students gain an appreciation for music, achieve goals through practice, gain confidence through performance, build new relationships and achieve musical proficiency.

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