Fine Arts

Elementary art centers on the individual child. Experiences in art allow a child to express himself successfully while developing skills and concepts that are the basis of art education.

We believe that art:

  • Is valued as a unique intelligence and utilizes higher level thinking skills involving both critical and creative thinking.
  • Represents a distinct body of knowledge used as a unique form of communication and self expression.
  • Enhances lifelong learning.
  • Is relevant to students' lives and experiences as it reflects our culture, heritage and multiculturalism.
  • Builds self esteem and encourages self reliance.
  • Increases learning in ALL AREAS of the curriculum.
  • Has it's own language - the elements and principles of design We believe students in art should: Be successful.
  • Participate in self evaluation and reflection.
  • Be actively engaged.
  • Demonstrate understanding of art techniques.
  • Verbalize art terminology.
  • Experience hands-on activities.
  • Use art processes to create original art.


We believe successful art instruction must:

  • Have opportunities for open ended problem solving using a variety of art techniques.
  • Make connections & relationships to art history.
  • Have instruction that praises and encourages students to be successful.
  • Give opportunities for students to be recognized through displays of their end products.
  • Cluster students for instruction and use modeling techniques.
  • Incorporate a variety of materials and media that spirals at every grade level.
  • Teach art processes in conjunction with the elements and principles of art.
  • Make connections to other curriculum areas and technology.
  • Focus on creative thinking & problem solving. Incorporate higher level thinking skills.
  • Result in unique individual products through the process of divergent thinking. Build success in all students.



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Miss Dunwoody's Blog for her very own art works

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