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Julie Sykes has enjoyed teaching music and choirs since 1985.  She received her all-level Bachelor of Music Education degree with a vocal performance certificate from The University of Texas at Austin.  She is also state certified to teach Secondary Spanish.  She has been teaching music at Frostwood Elementary since 1990, and she is a past director of the Spring Branch Girls Choir.  Prior to teaching in Spring Branch ISD, she taught in Fort Bend ISD and at St. Austin Catholic School (K-8) in Austin, Texas. She is an active member of the Texas Music Educators Association and the Texas Choral Directors Association, and she enjoys singing and performing in the Houston area.



Ann Novero has been happily teaching music since 1999.   She received her Bachelor of Music Education with a vocal emphasis from the University of Oklahoma.  She has a rich history of teaching and directing musical theater for youth performers in Texas and Florida.  In addition, Mrs. Novero has taught private voice for over fifteen years.   She has taught elementary music in both Spring Branch ISD and Cypress Fairbanks ISD.   She is excited to be at Frostwood Elementary!

What happens in Music Class?

The music program offers every child at Frostwood music experiences and curriculum taught by certified music education specialists: Julie Sykes and Ann Novero. We believe that through a variety of successful musical experiences all students’ lives are enhanced.  Brain research also supports this belief that performing music is good for our brains. We are attempting to plant seeds of knowledge and experience that will inspire our students to life-long musical endeavors as participants or patrons. 


Our curriculum is an eclectic blend based upon the philosophy of composer and music educator, Zoltan Kodaly.  We agree with his philosophy that only the best is good enough for our children.  Musical understanding is achieved through active and joyous participation: singing, clapping, moving, playing instruments, and reading.  Through focused listening as well, students learn about the various aspects of music such as tempo, pitch, rhythm, dynamics, form, and timbre. Our methods are structured and sequential with the ultimate objective being musical literacy on the highest aesthetic level. The musical skill building is achieved only after much experience with various types of folk songs and composed songs from around the world.   In every music lesson, the students sing, read, and speak both individually and as an ensemble. We music teachers also daily use the technology associated with the bright link boards for our interactive lessons.


When do students have music class? 

Who teaches your child?

This year the students at Frostwood receive 75 minutes of music instruction per week: One time in block (50 minutes) and a second “short” music class for 25 minutes per week.


For the 2017-2018  School year:

Mrs. Sykes teaches the long “block” classes of: 5th grade, 4th grade, 3rd grade, and 2nd grade . She also teaches the short music classes for 4th and 3rd grade.  In addition, she teaches the 5th Grade Chorus: (40 minutes per week)

Mrs. Novero teaches the long “block” classes and the short music classes for all of 1st grade, all of kindergarten.   She also teaches 2nd grade short music classes.  In addition she team teaches part of each 3rd grade block with Mrs. Sykes.



5th grade chorus:

Every 5th grader is a part of the Frostwood Chorus. The Frostwood Chorus traditionally performs two major concerts and dress rehearsals every school year. (December- Winter Concert, and May Frostwood Farewell Concert)  We have singing field trips and for the past few years have gone caroling with the choir members of Memorial High School in December. In addition to singing in the choir performances, students have the opportunity to play the recorder, percussion instruments, and also have speaking and acting parts.  The Chorus also performs in the annual SBISD Elementary Choir Festival in the spring. 


4th grade Recorders:

The 4th graders reinforce the music reading skills that have learned in the previous 3 years by applying their knowledge to the playing of the wind instrument called the recorder. Research has shown that learning to play a musical instrument is “brain friendly” and enhances learning in all areas.

 The students usually begin the recorder in the spring semester and play them all semester. This culminates in a recital that they perform for their parents in late May.


Kindergarten- 5th grade:

Every child at Frostwood participates in the annual International parade by singing The Star Spangled Banner, our school song, Frostwood Family, and other fun songs. 


PTA Sponsored Musicals:

Frostwood typically has one grade level PTA sponsored musical per year. This is a major event that not only involves every student in the grade level, but also the classroom teachers and the PTA committees that help out with costumes as well as the music teachers. The grade level that is to perform changes in a sequence so that each student that starts Frostwood in kindergarten will have been in at least one major grade level stage production prior to entering 5th grade. This school year the 3rd grade will be performing its grade level musical:  Groovin' With the Grimms on February 5th and 6th.  This fun musical features some stories from The Grimms Fairy Tales. 


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