FWE Counselor


Dorothy Thompson

Frostwood's counselor works with students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.  Using the Texas Education Agency guidance curriculum, Ms. Thompson uses a variety of techniques in her interactions  with the students.  Ms. Thompson loves to use the inclusion philosophy and strategies from TRIBES, as well as Susan Kovalik's  Life Skills in her teachings. Ms. Thompson also promotes the +Works/+School Initiative, the No Place for Hate Initiative, and Fill a Bucket Initiative..  The main goal of Frostwood's Counselor is to help our students be the best students they can be academically and socially, with a strong emphasis on using our +Voices and our +Actions so that our students consistently treat others as they would like to be treated. 

Ms. Thompson received her Bachelor's of Education from Northwestern State and her Masters in Guidance and Counseling from LSU.  Her teaching experiences include teaching in both elementary and middle school.  She has also served as a high school and elementary school counselor.  Mrs. Thompson has a close relationship with Frostwood for her three  children attended and graduated from Frostwood.